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StormHour Photo of The Week

​Welcome to the StormHour photo of the week competition.

How to enter the StormHour photo competition:
1. One image per Tweet
2. Send Tweet to @StormHour
3. Use hashtags #StormHour & #POTW only - (no tagging)
4. Briefly describe photo & location

In association with The Royal Meteorological Society @RMetS
Snow on  trees Macclesfield Forest, Cheshire

Each week StormHour hosts and posts the picture of the week competition for weather and landscape photographers.

To enter the competition please send your Tweet to @StormHour with the following hashtags #StormHour & #POTW and a brief description of your image and it's location.

You can enter as many times as you like, but please just one photograph per Tweet!

Plagiarism Rules. Please ensure that these are your own original photographs or that you have permission to reproduce and quote the original source.

The competition runs from Friday to Friday and the winner will be chosen by the StormHour team and announced and pinned on Saturday. We also have 'Guest Judges' including The Weather Channel community 'We Love Weather', John Hammond & Sara Thornton of Weathertrending and Gavin Pretor-Pinney, founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society. Every entry is Retweeted to our community.

We realise there is an element of subjectivity in choosing a winner from such a large selection of photographs but we promise to do our best.

So if you are an enthusiastic amateur or a hardened professional looking for greater exposure for your photos go ahead and enter the #StormHour Photo of the week!

Many Thanks

The StormHour Team

How To Enter StormHour Photo Competition

How To Enter StormHour Photo Competition

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