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StormHour Photo Of The Week Guest Judge Owen Humphreys

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In association with The Royal Meteorological Society @RMetS

This week we are pleased to announce that Owen Humphreys, award winning Photographer @PA for the last 20 years, will be judging the photo of the week competition. 

Owen can be found on Twitter here

Owen is definitely worth a follow as he posts amazing pictures on a daily basis. We have included a couple below, but browse his timeline for many more!

StormHour Photo Of The Week Guest Judge Owen Humphreys
rainbow owen humphries

Owen is based in the North East of England and has been with The Press Association for 20 years. He has photographed news, sports, entertainment and Royalty on a regular basis, but his most eye-catching and prominent work are his fantastic landscapes and breathtaking weather images.

sun pillar owen humphries

This is why it is such a pleasure for us to have Owen as a guest judge of our weather photography competition.

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