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StormHour Featured Meteorologist

Many Thanks To Our Featured Meteorologists.

We really appreciate the time they have taken to be interviewed for StormHour

If you would like to find out more about each of our featured meteorologists click on their names below!

Jim Cantore

Jim Cantore - The Weather Channel

Simon King

Simon King - BBC North

James Spann - Birmingham, AL.

Jennifer Carfagno

Jennifer Carfagno - The Weather Channel

Clare Nasir - Manchester/London, UK

Jo Farrow - Scotland, UK. Netweather and STV

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McCall Vrydaghs - Dayton, OH.

McCall Vrydaghs - Dayton, OH

Rick Dickert - Los Angeles, CA

Cory Reppenhagen - Arvada, CO.

Jaclyn Whittal - The Weather Network

Rachel Schoutsen

Rachel Schoutsen - The Weather Network, Toronto, Canada.

Julie Wilcox

Julie Wilcox - Norfolk, Virginia

Samantha Davies

Samantha Davies - Dallas/Fort Worth, TX

Featured Meteorologist – Mike Bennett

Mike Bennett - Tampa, Florida

Dan Pope - Salt Lake City, Utah.

Kathy Sabine

Kathy Sabine - Denver, Colorado

Scott Fisher - Austin, Texas.

Adam Epstein - Portland, Maine.

Jessica Lebel - Colorado Springs, CO

Shea Gibson - Charleston, SC

Brian Germ - Waco, Texas

Nick Kraynok - Lubbock, TX

Chris Tomer - Denver, CO

Kevin Selle - Wichita Falls, TX

Aaron Morrison - Columbia, MO

Julie Atchison - London, ON

Mike Thomas - Columbia, MD

Alex Wallace - Atlanta, GA

Jason Nicholas -Cleveland, OH.

Mike Haggett - Portland, ME.

Brian Shields - Orlando, FL.

Matt Jones - Youngstown, OH.

Christina Anthony - West Michigan

Emily Roehler - Colorado Springs, CO.

Peter Quinlan - Saskatoon, Canada.

Ken Weathers - Knoxville, TN

Dave Epstein - Massachusetts/Maine

Joanne Feldman - Atlanta, GA.

Lisa F. Mozer - Atlanta, GA.

Howard Bernstein - Washington, DC.

Andrew Buck Michael - Columbus, OH.

Al Conklin - Charlotte, NC.

Jason Nicholls - Bellefonte, PA

Irene Sans

Irene Sans - Orlando, FL.

Terry Eliasen

Terry Eliasen - Boston, MA.

Mabrisa Rodriguez

Mabrisa Rodriguez - Central Coast, CA

Brad Sowder

Brad Sowder - Oklahoma City, OK

Neville Miller

Neville Miller - Kansas City, MO

Kelly Reardon

Kelly Reardon - Cleveland, OH

Brian Lada

Brian Lada - Accuweather

Lauren and Elsa

Lauren and Elsa

Lauren Rainson - Peoria-Bloomington, IL

Matt Makens

Matt Makens - Denver, Colorado.

Chris Spears

Chris Spears - Denver, Colorado

Will Haenni

Will Haenni - Jefferson City, MO

Ryan Beesley

Ryan Beesley - Atlanta, GA

Charlie Lopresti

Charlie Lopresti - Portland, Maine.

Greg Dewhurst

Greg Dewhurst - Met Office, UK.

Aubrey Urbanowicz

Aubrey Urbanowicz - Harrisonburg, VA

Featured Meteorologist – Helen Roberts

Helen Roberts - Met Office, UK.

Gary Amble

Gary Amble - Kansas City, MO

Chris Nelson - Milwaukee, WI

Chris Nelson - Milwaukee, WI

Tamitha Skov

Dr Tamitha Skov - Los Angeles, CA.

Jorge Torres

Jorge Torres - Albuquerque, NM

Beth Carpenter

Beth Carpenter - Yorktown, Indiana

Scott Sutherland

Scott Sutherland - Oakville, Ontario, Canada

Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry - Boston, MA

Chad Sandwell

Chad Sandwell - Dakota Dunes, SD

Nicole Hartford

Nicole Hartford - Austin, TX.

Jeff Last

Jeff Last - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Alan Auglis

Alan Auglis - Roanoke, Virginia

Patrick Hammer

Patrick Hammer - Buffalo, NY

Mark Boardman - Macclesfield, Cheshire

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