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StormHour – A Word on Plagiarism

At StormHour we have always prided ourselves on our online conduct. Wherever possible we have given credit to the originator, and 'giving credit' to us is to include a link to the creator of the content, ordinarily this will be the '@' name on Twitter. Two or three times in the past few years we have got it wrong, and for that I apologise.

However, it has been brought to my notice recently that we have inadvertently been promoting plagiarism! How? Well, with the rise of 'tagging' on Twitter more and more accounts are being tagged into posts that are sent to us, and more and more of these are plagiarism accounts. So, with our usual Re-tweeting generosity we are accidentally RT-ing, and thus promoting, these nefarious accounts, Sorry about that.


By the by, did you know that StormHour never 'tags' anyone in their tweets? Well there you go then.

Tagging was originally used to tag people who were with you when the photo was taken, but has been abused.It's not our objective to police Twitter, but at the same time we hate Spam as much as the next person. So. What to do about it? Well, we still want to promote the fantastic photographers who send us their pictures, in just the same way that they promote us, so to help us out we would ask that you think carefully about your tagging and hashtags. I know it's easy (and tempting) to tag as many folks as possible into a Tweet, but it doesn't look great and it isn't particularly flattering.

Macclesfield Forest Snow

If you send us a photo, with a location and brief description, and one or two appropriate hashtags then there is a great chance that we will spot it, and it wont be swept up in our spam filters. Also tweets just tend to look better like this. Quality not quantity.

And finally how do you spot a 'Plagiarism account'? It's a bit subjective, but generally if an account is posting pictures with either no information at all (just the photo) or a picture and a name with no link to a Twitter account, FB page, website etc - then the chances are it's a naughty account - too lazy to give credit in the form of an active link, or too selfish. Either way we avoid them. (Also personally I'd recommend avoiding the retweet groups. They'll retweet just about anything posted to them, and some are automated. So what's the point?)

But anyway, it's not up to us, we just want to run our account in the most ethical way we can and give credit and support to the content originators. We're just a bunch of enthusiastic volunteers giving up our time in pursuit of the weather.

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Have a good one, and keep those pictures coming! 
Mark 🙂

Cloud building in east Cheshire

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