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Mark’s Pictures!

Mark is a landscape photographer and weather geek! Creator of StormHour & nominated for the 2016 Royal Meteorological Society World Weather Photographer of the year.

If you are interested in using or purchasing any of Mark's images please contact him via Twitter @SnapYourWorld or email "mark at"

The first snow of the 2016 winter in the hills above Macclesfield

f 3.5
Shutter 1/500
ISO 1100 

Taken 5th October at Teggs Nose in Cheshire - the last sun rays of the day illuminated this tree perfectly. Sometimes you just get lucky!

f 11.0
shutter 1/500
ISO 360

A misty, autumn afternoon near Rainow 30th October 2016

f 8.0
shutter 1/60
ISO 400

This is the photograph that was nominated for the 2016 Royal Meteorological Society World Weather Photographer of the year. Although I didn't win I did make it into their calendar...I'm May 2017 🙂

f 11.0
shutter 1/320
ISO 400

Another one from the 5th October. You often get better light at the beginning and end of the day, but sometimes you get great light!

f 13.0
shutter 1/1250
ISO 200

If you live in the northwest of England and can get any elevation above the Cheshire Plain then chances are you will be able to spot the world famous radio telescope at Jodrell Bank. As I live so close it features heavily in my photographs. Here's one of my favourites from March 2016 looking west from the east Cheshire hills with the mountains and hills of Wales in the background.

f 6.0
shutter 1/200
ISO 100

Not spectacular, but one of my personal favourites from April 2016. The full moon rising above Macclesfield forest as the sun set. 

f 10.0
shutter 1/200
ISO 400

An unexceptional tree becomes exceptional. 
I walk past this tree a couple of times each month, but rarely have the clouds so perfectly framed it for me! 

f 11.0
shutter 1/500
ISO 280

It's not often we get early snow in the UK, so it's best to get out there and take some photographs when you do. This is from 9th November 2016 in Macclesfield Forest

f 7.1
Speed 1/200
ISO 400

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