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The Autumn Equinox – A Moment in Time

Stormy Skies over Llanrwst, North Wales this weekend by Paul Silvers @Cloud9weather1

It’s the autumn equinox, that moment in time when the sun crosses the equator and that moment in time for 2017 is 22nd September at 20:02 UTC – You can translate UTC into your local time at earthsky.orgIt is also the first day of astronomical autumn, with meteorological autumn having started on 1st September. So […]

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Asteroid Day June 30th

asteroid day

The earth orbits the Sun among a swarm of asteroids, near-Earth asteroids rather than the asteroid belt way out between Jupiter and Mars. It is these, ranging in size from pebbles to many miles across, that have been bombarding the earth for billions of years.Officially launched on December 3rd 2014, Asteroid Day (or International Asteroid […]

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