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Autumn In The Hills Of Macclesfield

Meteorological autumn started on 1st September, but in the UK was characterised by weather more akin to July. Heat, thunderstorms and high humidity. 
Fortunately (for people like myself who dislike anything too warm and would happily live in a permanent winter) autumn has now arrived, although not with the usual high winds and cool Atlantic depressions. 

In the meantime I thought I'd share some ​photographs taken over the last week of some more autumnal scenes across Macclesfield and east Cheshire. - Mark

Taken on 16th September after the hay had been baled just to the east of Macclesfield. You can just about make out the dish at Jodrell Bank pointing directly upwards.

The sun sets behind the reservoir at Teggs Nose.

Crepuscular rays shine through the clouds with the hills of Wales visible through the haze.

The western edge of Macclesfield forest nestles on the hillside as the sun briefly manages to break through the gloom.

I hope you enjoyed these photographs, if you are a keen weather photographer why not submit a picture into our StormHour Photo of The Week competition.

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hanks and see you all soon!
Mark 🙂 

Mark is a weather photographer based in the north of England, the creator of StormHour and an unashamed climate geek. 

He was a 2016 nominee for the Royal Meteorological Society World Weather Photographer of The Year Award.

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