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Australia’s Record Breaking Summer

So, it's been a big year for Australian weather. The Climate Council has produced a report entitled "Angry Summer" highlighting the heavy rain and floods of the west, and heatwaves and bushfires of the east.

Other records broken, according to the report, include:
Canberra, Brisbane and Sydney having their hottest summers on record.
Sydney had a mean temperature that was 2.8 °C above the average
Adelaide's temperature on Christmas Day reached 41.3 °C - the hottest in 70 years
Perth had 7.6 inches of rain during the summer, another record
The above average sea temperatures have caused a new outbreak of bleaching in the Great Barrier Reef

barrier reef bleaching

Barrier Reef Bleaching

Among their conclusions was that "The 2016/17 extreme summer heat in New South Wales was at least 50 times more likely to occur due to climate change"

And from a financial and business point of view "The impacts of the last Angry Summer of 2013/14 cost the Australian economy approximately $8 billion through absenteeism and a reduction in work productivity. The economic impact from the 2016/17 Angry Summer has not yet been quantified.

Victoria Bushfires Eastern Victoria 7th February 2017

Victoria Bushfires Eastern Victoria 7th February 2017

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